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Licensed and Insured.
Two words that are important protection for you when choosing your builder.

At Steve Owens Construction, Inc., we take great care and expense to make sure that we are licensed and insured.  

Here’s what each of these words mean… and why it’s important for you to understand the difference between builders who are licensed and insured -- and those who are not -- before you embark on your building project.  

Licensed.  A license is a permit to work in a particular occupation as required by state or local law.  To be licensed in the construction field means that the person you hire has completed a certain amount of education and training, been rigorously tested on this knowledge, and been approved by the state to perform the type of work on which they were tested.  In most cases it also means that the person you hire must keep up with current information and advances within his field through continuing education in order to maintain his license.  It also means that all work will be done according to current building codes.  

Insured. You want the company or professional you hire to work on your home to be insured to protect you from possible claims. You want to make sure the company you hire carries workers compensation insurance as well. This insurance will cover accidents or injuries that an employee incurs on the job.  Without this coverage, an injured builder can make a claim on your homeowner's insurance and possibly your property.  

The wise consumer will ask to see a copy of the insurance certificate and will check to make sure it is current along with evidence that your builder is licensed. Be wary of anyone who "keeps forgetting" to bring these documents for you to verify or cannot supply the contact information of their insurance provider.  At Steve Owens Construction, our proof of insurance is always available upon request along with verification from our insurance company.

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