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 Accidents happen.  Not all builders do a good job.  And not all clients pay when the work is done.  At times when a dispute cannot be resolved, an objective professional opinion is necessary.  You need an expert in construction and building who will help you win your case; or even help you realize why you may not.  Hiring the right expert can save money, reputations, even save entire businesses from ruin.  

With over 40 years of construction management experience under his belt, Steve Owens brings real world experience to the table along with key analytic and problem-solving skills that can help clarify the key issues and resolve conflicts.  Steve will find the objective, impartial answers you need so that you can serve as the best legal advocate for your client.

Whether providing written reports, interviews or oral testimony, Steve Owens brings a level of expertise to legal proceedings that is persuasive and straightforward.  Unlike many academic court experts whose construction experience relies on theory and who may never have directed a real world building project from beginning to end, Steve Owens’ knowledge is firmly grounded in his successful completion of over $50 million of real estate properties.  

To date, Steve has directed the construction and renovation of over 100 residential and commercial properties, and his construction business continues to build for clients throughout St Tammany Parish.  It is this ability to finish a project within time and budget that shows Steve Owens' ability to estimate accurately and understand the real world dynamics of building.

Steve Owens has served as a court expert witness in more than 25 cases in the past few years.  Based in part upon his work and expert reporting, twenty of these cases have been settled outside of court and the remainder were decided favorably in court.  Steve Owens' consulting and expert witness work has been formative in helping all parties in these cases come to a faster resolution.  

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