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Willows Housing Restoration Corporation vs. Crum & Forester Specialty Insurance Company USDC, EDLa No. 06-7602, Sect. “K” MAG. 4

Mr. Owens was retained by legal counsel for the Plaintiff:  the Willows Housing Restoration Corporation.  The Plaintiff's sixty unit apartment complex sustained wind related damage during Hurricane Katrina and had 5-6 feet of flood water.  Flood related damage was covered under separate insurance.  

However, the Defendent recognized only about $600,000 in wind related damages.

In assisting the Plaintiff, Mr. Owens surveyed the structure in detail and the proposed estimates for replacement.  He was able during his deposition and through his reports to explain why the wind related damages were actually nearer to $3.4 million.

As a result, the Defendent settled this claim with the Plaintiff before the case moved forward into court proceedings.

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