(\ek-spərt\) noun: one with the special skill or knowledge representing mastery of a   particular subject.
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“I highly recommend Steve Owens as an expert in the field of residential and commercial construction.  I have relied upon Mr. Owens’ expertise in the defense, as well as the plaintiff’s side of several cases dealing with redhibition, construction deficiencies, EIFS, termites, water intrusion and performance issues.  

Mr. Owens is completely thorough in his investigation and documentation; articulate in his presentation of the subject matter and a very compelling witness.  

Mr. Owens speaks from an extensive and current background in the practice of construction, unlike your typical consultant/expert."  

Edward E Reynolds, Esq.
Reynolds & Holahan
Madisonville, LA

"I have worked with Steve Owens as a court expert on multiple cases.  He is an excellent witness. I highly recommend him.  Steve is very knowledgeable about all aspects of construction.  His work is extremely thorough.  
His reports and estimates are detailed and well-done, and have been delivered in a timely manner.  

Steve is a very good witness.  Judges have been impressed by his testimony and his presentation.  I recommend him highly for any work you may have that requires a court expert witness in construction."

Gary Giepert, Partner
Ricci & Giepert, Attorneys-at-law
New Orleans, Louisiana

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