(\ek-spərt\) noun: one with the special skill or knowledge representing mastery of a   particular subject.
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Forensic Services 
Consulting & Reporting
The dynamics of building involve a broad range of disciplines and complex knowledge.  Only through a deep understanding of codes, contracts, construction techniques, cost control, industry standards and safety factors can the many facets of bringing a project from start to completion be achieved.

Similarly, professional consulting involves the ability to understand the complexity of a building project, pinpoint and examine the areas of contention, and then either resolve a conflict or help one party respond to another’s action. As either a consultant or court expert witness, well written objective reports are essential in framing the issues of a dispute and clarifying the risks and parameters of proceeding with a case and allow an attorney to act as the client’s advocate.  

Digital Photography & Graphic Presentation
Photographs of an accident or construction dispute site can provide the empirical data necessary to substantiate or refute witness statements. Code violations, defects and existing conditions can be quantified and properly demonstrated visually.  Moreover, digital photography allows for ongoing updates of an inquiry and is easily transferable.  When used in a written report, the impact of photos directly next to the text describing a scene can help make a report memorable and compelling.  It can also aid the understanding of those who may be unfamiliar with construction or engineering terminology.  Computer Aided Design (CAD) is a powerful tool for preparing clear and legible exhibits in two dimensional graphics and can also add weight to written reports.  

Construction & Replacement Cost Estimating
Similar to real estate appraising, construction cost estimating involves analyzing the project from several points of view and applying experience to arrive at the best solution. A quantity survey breaks a building down to its most basic elements. Current material costs are applied and a labor factor is added. 
The second method involves square footage cost comparisons, based on similar project cost tables. The costs so generated are then discussed with active contractors and engineers, providing real time opinions of the projected investments.

Replacement cost estimating adds the factors of time and ever evolving building codes. The replacement cost can either be for the investment made at the time of construction with an adjustment for inflation; or the cost may be to replace the structure, including today’s building code requirements stated in current dollars. 

Depositions & Court Testimony
As the case or dispute progresses more and more information is gathered. The deposition provides the arena for sworn statements from witnesses and consultants to assist in the painting of the true events and conditions of the dispute.  Court testimony has the advantage of the presence of a judge to direct the course of events. An experienced consultant understands his/her role in providing clear objective answers to the attorney’s inquiries.
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