(\ek-spərt\) noun: one with the special skill or knowledge representing mastery of a   particular subject.
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Steve Owens has served as an expert in the following cases*:

Lombardi v. Robertson, 24th JDC, No. 559-489
Ward v. J&J Exterminating, 24th JDC, No. 594-625
Simon v. Straus, 22nd JDC, No. 04-11285
Ryan v. Terminix, 24th JDC, No. 617-803
Dipol v. H&M Pest Control, Civil District Court Orleans No. 04-3846
Culver v. Taylor, 24th JDC, No. 626-610

Barnett v. Watkins, 22nd JDC, No. 05-13238

Magner v. Mr. B Services 24th JDC, No. 597-505

John N. Thibodeaux v. Kirk Vincent Leonardi, 23rd JDC, No. 73880 

Construction Affiliates Inc. v. Dr. and Mrs. Bailey Pullen 22nd JDC, No. 2007-10225

Willows Housing Restoration Corporation vs. Crum & Forester Specialty Insurance Company USDC, EDLa No. 06-7602, Sect. “K” MAG. 4

John Falgout Jr. v. Marvin McNeely, Robert Businelle, A.F. Smith 16th JDC, No. 109-705

Madalyn Simms v. Bel Oaks Builders Inc. 22nd JDC, 2005-13873

William Burgers v. Gary Lacoste 22nd JDC, 2000-13343 

Baldwin v. Encompass Indemnity Company (no trial)

Rory McDonald / Audrey P. Kime v. First Street Condos, et al  CDC, Orleans Parish, No. 05-8539 c/w 05-8547 “I”

Wauters v. Watters, et al.  Civ. 2008-10457, Div. “B”

* This is a partial list of representative cases.
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